Student Conduct & Other Important Information

Dear Parents & Guardians:

Mathews County Public Schools is committed to providing your children with the best possible educational experiences. We take great pride in the accomplishments of our students in Mathews County and we are grateful for your continued support of our efforts to provide a safe and orderly school environment. The Mathews County School Board and I recognize that it is the joint efforts of the students, parents, faculty/staff and the community as a whole, that ensure our students’ success. There is no possible way to have a rule in place for every situation. Many of the policies, regulations and notices contained in the Family Handbook were written to reflect our state and federal codes of law. Our primary objective is to make sure that all of our schools are safe and secure environments for our students, where courtesy and kindness prevail.

I encourage you as parents and guardians to read the student conduct documents and set forth expectations for your children to follow the rules and make good choices when faced with pressures from peers as well as any temptations that may arise. If a situation should occur be aware that certain applicable consequences could follow. If there are points of concern, please discuss them first with the teacher, then principal and the superintendent, if necessary.


David S. Daniel, Ed.D.

Division Superintendent