School Board Office Staff

Nancy B. Welch, Ed.S. - Division Superintendent

Lesley R. Hunley, M.Ed., MPA - Assistant Superintendent

Stephanie A. Lowe - Director of Business and Finance

Sharon F. Morgan - Sr. Administrative Assistant/School Board Clerk

Jennifer M. Jackson - Sr. Administrative Assistant/Human Resources Clerk

Kristi D. Anthony - School Board Finance Clerk

Division Leadership

Virginia A. Sanford - Director of Special Education

Michael R. Anthony - Director of Technology

Pamela O. Hudgins - Coordinator of Gifted and Federal Programs

D. Shannon Cook - Maintenance Supervisor

Clyde D. Royals - Transportation Supervisor

Nelda H. Gibbs - Division Cafeteria Manager

Division Contacts

Homeless & Foster Care Liaison Taren P. Thomas (804) 725-2434

Title IX Coordinator Pamela O. Hudgins (804)725-2434

Compliance Officer Lesley R. Hunley (804) 725-3909

Alternate Compliance Officer Dr. Andrew W. Greve (804) 725-3702

FOIA Officer Sharon F. Morgan (804) 725-3909

Records Officer Lesley R. Hunley (804) 725-3909