Mathews County Public Schools Banner: PO Box 369, 63 Church St. Mathews, VA 23109 Phone: 804 725-3909
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Mission Statement
"The mission of the Mathews County Public School system is to provide educational programs to meet the identified needs of all students in a learning environment that will instill academic achievement,  develop a positive outlook, and  foster respect for individual differences."

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School Board Members

Mrs. Linda G. Hodges, Chairman
804 725-9700

Mrs. Virginia J. Richards,
Vice Chairman
804 725-0718

Rev. Melissa F. Mason, Member
804 384-3170

Mr. John L. Priest, Member
804 725-7540

Mrs. Jeanice A. Sadler, Member
804 815-3768

Ms Kathryn G. Bray,
Student Representative

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