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Division Leadership
Nancy B. Welch, Ed.S.
Division Superintendent

Lesley R. Hunley, M.Ed.
Assistant Superintendent

Kristi D. Anthony
Director of Business and Finance

Virginia A. Sanford
Director of Special Education

William T. Vrooman
Division Technology Coordinator

Cynthia W. Gray
Coordinator of Federal Programs

Donald B. Hall
Maintenance Supervisor

Clyde D. Royals
Transportation Supervisor

Nelda H. Gibbs
Division Cafeteria Manager
Division Contacts
Homeless & Foster Care Liaison:
Cynthia W. Gray (804) 725-2580

Compliance Officer:
Lesley R. Hunley (804) 725-3909

Alternate Compliance Officer:
Dr. Andrew W. Greve (804) 725-2580

FOIA Officer:
Lesley R. Hunley (804) 725-3909

Records Officer:
Lesley R. Hunley (804) 725-3909
School Board Office Staff
Sharon F. Morgan
School Board Clerk/Sr. Administrative Assistant

Stephanie A. Lowe
Business and Finance Clerk

Jennifer M. Jackson
Administrative Assistant